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Ayurlog: The National Journal Of Research in Ayurved Science (NJ-RAS) is a peer-reviewed, open access electronic journal published by Dudhamal publication (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

The Journal provides a forum for research workers in Ayurved field on current issues and challenges of society regarding their health awareness and diseased conditions.

The aim of Journal is to publish research articles on Ayurved.

The mission of the Journal is to publish advanced theoretical and empirical research in Ayurved with the noticeable contribution and impact to the development of this discipline and preferably with practice relevancies.

Journal Information

Website:  http://www.ayurlog.com
E mail  ayurlog33@gmail.com
Address of Publisher   Dudhamal publication (OPC) Pvt. Ltd., Chembur, Mumbai-400089
Online ISSN  2320-7329
ISBN  78-93-5173-179-3
No. of Issues  04 Per Year
Print Frequency  Quarterly (Online)
Month (s) of publication  January-December

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Authors are requested to submit their article/s online only.
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The articles which are submitted via E-mail will not be accepted for publication. Only the Online submitted article/s will be accepted for publications..

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Call for Paper

We would like to invite you All faculties, Ayurvedic Practitioners (Vaidya) and Students of B. A. M. S. (Under graduates), Post graduates (M. D./M.S.) and Ph. D. Courses of Ayurved faculties to submit manuscript's of Original Research Papers, Review articles, Case Study, Book/s etc. for publication.

Ayurline: International Journal!

Dudhamal publication (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. delighted to announce that we have started New Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine (IJ-RIM) from 1st May 2015. This is a peer-reviewed and On-line (electronic) journal published by Dudhamal publication (OPC) Pvt. Ltd..

Website of Ayurline International e-journal: http://www.ayurline.in
E mail    : ayurline33@gmail.com

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Dr. G. D. Pol Foundation’s YMT Ayurvedic Medical College, Hospital and PG Institute, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Table of Contents: Current issue: Vol. 05 | Issue 04 | 2017 | July- Sept.

Sr. No. Title of Article Author Download

Original Research Papers

1.  Efficacy of Triphala Kwath and Trikatu Churna on Medoroga.  Kumar Chandrajeet, Dubey Vijay Shankar, Singh Amarendra Kumar .pdf download
2 Evaluate the effect of trikatu churna in experimental model of high fat diet induced obesity.  Rajashri. A. Bomble, Manasi Deshpande, Vidya Sawant .pdf download
3. Pharmaceutical standardization of Dadruvidravan Malhar and its clinical evaluation on Dadru  Sultana Perween, Uma Shanker Chaturvedi, Ajay Kumar Singh .pdf download
4.  To study the effect of gokshuradi kwath in urinary tract infection (uti) w.r.t. culture and sensitivity.  Priyanka B. Sontakke, Anjana Raghunath Ghogare, Sanjeevkumar Bagore .pdf download

Review Articles

5. Conceptual review of pregnancy induced hypertension In ayurvedic prospective  Prajakta A. Bharkade. Mangala Thakare .pdf download
6. To study the concept of shat kriya kala in diabetes mellitus.  Kulkarni Apurva Pramod, Bagore Sanjeevkuma .pdf download
7. Role of some ayurvedic herbal drugs in sickle cell anemia.  G. T. Kulkarni, D. Deshamukh .pdf download
8. Conceptual study of Yakrit Utpatti.  Rohit D. Moujkar, Nilkanth G. Thakare, Saguna V. Wadatkar .pdf download
9 . Anti Snake Venom Therapy- A Review  Shashikant D. Wadkar .pdf download
10. Application of Nyaay in Ahara Parinaam.  Brijesh R Mishra. Munira S Siamwalla .pdf download

Case Reports

11.  Agni in Ayurveda – A Conceptual Study  Priyanka A. Puri , E. E. Mojes  .pdf download
12.  A Clinical Evaluation of Paripathadi Kadha On Rajika (Prickly Heat)  Kranti Metkar .pdf download
13.  Effect of apamarga kshar in the management of mutra ashmari: A case study  S. D. Waghmare, Rajesh N. Dakhore .pdf download
14.  Ayurvediya chikitsa in management of primary infertility : a case study  Ashwini Narayan Karandikar .pdf download
15  Role of Dhanyapanchak Kwath and Shirodhara in irritable bowel disease  Snehal Sherikar , Minal S Vaidya .pdf download
16.  Ayurvedic approach in Osteoarthritis (Janu Sandhigata Vata) -A case report  Ashwini. D. Ghuge, S.I. Pathan .pdf download
17.   Ayurvedic Managemement in Lumbar spondylosis (Katigatavata) – A Case Report  Jyoti S. Rathod, Ashwini .D. Ghuge, S.I.Pathan, S.V. Suryavanshi .pdf download
18.   A case study of Pakshaghat with the management of Ayurvedic Shaman and Shodhan treatment.   Archana S. Dachewar,
Manjusha R. Dapurkar
.pdf download