Haemorrhoids are uncomfortable, very common during pregnancy due to various causes. The haemorrhoidal plexus get dilated and inflamed resulting in formation of haemorrhoids. If not treated at proper time may cause bleeding and protrusion of the haemorrhoids. In such a condition, surgical and para-surgical procedures have limitations and use of internally ushna and tikshna kalpas are contraindicated in Garbhini.

Keeping in view these problems BILVA Patra Kwath Avgahan sweda karma in Charak Chikitsa sthana - 14/47 was selected to evaluate the effect of Avgahan sweda karma in relieving the signs and symptoms of haemorrhoids. Bilva patra kwath sitz bath was given to the GARBHINI patient suffering from haemorrhoids.

Present study has been done on 10 patients and an effort has been made to derive safe, easy accessible treatment in pregnancy. A BILVA patra kwath Avgahan sweda, which has proven Anti-inflammatory7 property relieves venous congestion, relieves spasm of internal sphincter muscles. Assessment done on the basis of criteria, resulting into PR bleeding and significant reduction in size of piles mass without any untoward side effect in pregnancy.