Sciatica (Gridhrasi) is musculoskeletal disorder,which affect the movement of leg. Sciatica is kind of Neurulgiacharacterised by intense pain and tenderness along the course of sciatica nerve extending from back to thigh down calf region then down towards foot &toes.The pain is associated with numbness, burning sensation and tingling sensation.Main causes of sciatica is herniated disc,spinalstenosis,piriformis syndrome etc. Gradhrusi is NanatmajaVatavyadhi, an entity enumerated by shula.According to charaka, Stambha,Ruka,Toda and Spandan are sign& symptoms of VatajGridhrasi. Aruchi, Tandra and Gaurav are symtoms of KaphajGridhrasi. Gridhrasihetu are vatprakopak. In the pathogenesis of sciatica, there is irritation of 4th& 5th lumbar root and 1st sacral root. S.L.R.(Straight Leg Raising) is used for diagnosis and for assignment of progress of treatment . Treatment of Gridhrasi is so simple,safe,effective. Snehan,Swedan and MruduShodhan as explained in Vatvyadhi.Charak explained in Siddhi Sthana that madhu-ghrutadiyapanbasti for vatvyadhi.Sciatica is Nanatmajavikar of vatvyadhi. Yapanbasti is safe & effective and no any complication.
Hence madhu-ghrutadiyapanbasti and patra panda pottaliswedan were selected for present study.