Amavata is one of the dreadful disorders and included under the vata vyadhis in Ayurveda. The annual incidence rate of rheumatoid arthritis is low however the prevalence rate of the same is very high. Of all the rheumatic disorders, rheumatoid arthritis still remains a formidable disease, as it causes severe crippling deformities and functional disabilities. The disease can undergo spontaneous remission and it is difficult to forecast the outcome of the disease and it makes the evaluation of new drug is also difficult. If proper attention has not been paid the condition turns to its worse. The severe pain and crippling deformities with functional abnormalities make the patient seek doctor’s advice. Even in the modern system of medicine the drug therapy for rheumatoid arthritis is empirical and is focused on 3 issues-
1. Relieving the pain along with control of inflammation,
2. Improving and maintaining the function and
3. Prevention of the deformity.
However, none of the medicine available at present can give everlasting benefit thereby permanent remission from the symptoms. The drugs which are available as on today are only of value in achieving the symptomatic relief. But their use is restricted because of the number of adverse effects attached to their usage. It is because of this reason the people are looking towards a safe and effective drug.