Comparative Study Of Rajayakshma And Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

  • Kshitija Sanjeev Shinde Dr.
Keywords: Rajayakshma, pulmonary tuberculosis, nidan panchak, symptom observation, comparative study.


For comparative study known patients of pulmonary tuberculosis are selected. Which are diagnosed on the basis of x-ray chest, sputum-acid fast bacilli, erythrocyte sedimentation rate. And in the pulmonary tuberculosis patients observed the symptoms of rajayakshma. Other findings are observed as per age, sex, economic condition,occupation, habits, prakruti, agni, kostha, satwa, nidan panchak, updrava, doshadushti, dhatudushti, maladushti.

Author Biography

Kshitija Sanjeev Shinde, Dr.

Prof. and HOD, Rognidan Dept., Ayurveda College, Pethwadgaon, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India

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