“Many of the surgical procedures explained in texts are primitive, raw and are having practical difficulty. Thus we need to update rediscovered aspects and find few new things in surgery in Ayurveda.” Sushrutha Samhitha gives detail knowledge about surgical aspects in Ayurveda, where Agropaharaneeya adhyaya of Sushrutha Samhitha Sutra Sthana is considered as gist for the surgical procedures. Surgical aspects of Ayurveda emphasizes on Trividha karma which includes pre and post operative measures along with main surgical procedures. Concept of Anesthesia, Antiseptics and Antibiotics, Disinfectants, Sterilization of operation theater, Ashtavidhashastrakarma, different kinds of suturing materials are explained in an effective manner. It also emphasizes on Ksharakarma, Agnikarma, Raktamokshana, Raktaskandanopayas, concept and management of Vrana, different kinds of instruments, Sandhana, Bandhana, Asthi-Sandhibhagna and its management and various other surgical aspects, regarding which many research’s based on literature, clinical and experimentation have been conducted and proved effective. For an instance, in case of Arshas and Bhagandara, Ksharakarma has been proved to give better results rather than mere surgery. In case of wound, research’s shows tremendous effects by Ayurvedic management. The types of Suture materials as absorbable/non absorbable and synthetic/natural which were been described are taken as base in contemporary science. Even though there are ample of research avenues in surgical aspect of Ayurveda few aspects which are challenging and where we are lagging are Pre and Post Operative procedures. Hence a literary work with experimentation and its clinical implementation is highly necessary.