As hemantrutu is the period of kaphasanchitee, there is vitiation of kaph-vaat dosh by sheet and rukshguna, which leads to stanikkaphsanchiti in shir Pradesh. So as quoted by vagbhatacharya,"नासा हि शिरस: द्वारम।"the best treatment for urdhwajatrugatvikar, i.e.shirovirechan is selected for the present study.  According to desh, kaal, dosh,  easy availability, cost effectiveness,  shadbindu tail is selected for the study for dosh nirharan. Initially all the patients were given pachanchikitsa, by pachakkashay according to their vyadhiavastha.

            Practically at first patients were given sthaniksnehan by til tail,mruduswed.and then shirovirechan was given in different matraaccording to clinical features