Sandhigatavata is one of the grievous diseases of vata vyadhi related to Asthi from 80 vata vyadhi. According to Acharya charaka mentions the diseases in Nanatmaj vyadhi in Samhita. According to name the vyadhi  is related to joint disorder among elderly , obese person, persons with vata Prakriti causing loss of function as well as deformity of joint especially weight-bearing joints i.e knee joint and Hip joint formed as ‘Janu sandhi’. It can be classified as diseases of Sandhi (joint) with  symptoms of sandhi shool (pain)sandhi shoth (swelling), Sandhigraha(stiffness) Akunchana prasaran pravruti savendana (pain during movement). Also related to kha vaigunya related to Asthivaha srotasa mention in Charak chikitsa 28/37.

As per survey it was found that diseases related to musculoskeletal disorder s are found most harmful. Swedana is one of the treatment for vata pradhan vyadhi and can be divided as Pradhan karma along with snehan karma. According to Acharya charak swedana is one of the part of shad upkrama. Swedan results in stiffness heaviness,numbness restricted movements reducing all the symptoms and act as pain reliever ,So in the following study vachadi upnaha is selected and having all the above qualities of swedana in the respective diseases and found more effective and safe on Janu sandhigatavata.