Infertility is very common problem arising now a days due to changing lifestyle .according to Ayurveda , Rutu, Kshetra, Ambu, and Beeja are basic important things for garbhadharna and successful pregnancy. Amongst there beeja factor in femalesi.e ovulation contributes 15 to 25% and is the second common cause of infertility.  

             ovulatory factor is an important subject in infertility among  women,according about 40% cases over the past few decades modern medical science develop different types of modalities for infertility like Hormonal therapy, in- vitro fertilization embryo transfer, gammet intra fallopian transfer etc. but having limited success rate. Additionally their procedures have adverse effect on physical and mental health of couple plus they are costly. To overcome this inconvenience population is turning towards traditional mode of treatment i.e. Ayurveda.