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Aging, Ahara, depression, Sattavajya chikitsa, Yoga

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Shukla, S. (2018). ROLE OF AHARA IN GRACEFUL AGING. National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 6(06). Retrieved from


Aging has become an important issue in developing countries. Ageing is an inevitable process. Although one cannot escape from this reality but one can be able to age gracefully. Ayurveda and its principles can play an important role in to relieve the hardships of old age. As Ahara, Nidra and Bramhacharya are three pillars of Life, Certain Dietary rules and sleeping pattern can increase healthy life span and prevent the development  of diseases. The key to balance Vatadosha in old age is regularity,  rest and warmth One should  pay equal attention to physical as well as mental health. Depression is also a very common problem in old age. Depression can hamper digestive one should adopt capacity of an individual. Sattvik ahara, fresh and hot food, green leafy vegetables & seasonal fruit, proper nidra as part and parcel of old age. Rasayan chikitsa, Sattvavajay chikitsa, yoga, can add years to the life of old persons.


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