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JARA, Kaalaj jara, Akaalaj jara, Ayurveda, etiological factors, premature aging.

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Puri, S. (2019). CONCEPTUAL REVIEW OF AKAALAJ JARA HETU ACCORDING TO AYURVEDA. National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 7(01). Retrieved from


                 Ayurveda is the mother of all healing systems, is not to just cure diseases but to achieve total good health. Ayurveda advocates on excellent approach for promotion of healthy life. For that various measures are mentioned in Ayurveda like Dincharya, Rutucharya, Sadvruttapalan, Achar Rasayan, etc.

Ayurveda has been divided in to destine eight branches, Jarachikitsa is one of them1. In Ayurveda JARA i.e. aging is divided into Kaalaj jara (natural aging) & Akaalaj jara (premature aging). According to Charaka, Kaalaj jara is Swabhavik roga2 .Akaalaj  jara i.e. premature aging is a condition where you look older than your actual age. Presently it is most common problem and many factors are responsible for it. The etiological factors for initiating the early aging process according to Ayurveda are clearly described in Charak samhita and Vagbhata. This factors can be differentiated in three categories Aharatmak hetu- Different types of Viruddha ahaar i.e. Rasviruddha, Gunviruddha, Virya viruddha,  Asatmya ahar, Vishamashan, Adhyashan etc. are responsible for initiation of aging process.  Viharatmak hetu comprises Divaswap, Abrahmacharya, Avyayam, Ativyam etc . Manasik hetu- Bhaya, Krodh, Shok, Lobh, etc.  Thus  ,to avoid premature aging proper practice of all above measures can slow down  the process of aging3. This study will be very helpful to create awareness about premature aging and factors responsible for it.

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