Prakruti is basic concept of Ayurveda, having prime importance in healthy as well as diseased condition in human beings. In our samhita granthas the concept of prakruti is elaborated in a very specific manner. Among them the concept of manasprakruti should be studied because it has a huge impact in causing any kind of disorders. Rajas and Tamas Prakriti are considered as Manasdoshas in Ayurveda. Hence, Rajas and Tamas prakriti persons are more prone to various diseases and difficult to cure in comparison to Sattvik prakriti. Janmarashi with which we are being identified form due to the overall position & status of the natural unexhaustable powerful sources such as Sun, Moon and also the nine planets of our galaxy. These Janmarashi are 12 in number and comprises of the panchamahabhuttatvas vayu, Agni, Aap, parthiv and Aakashtatva.

Bhrugu-sanhita has mentioned the relation of Manasprakriti and twelve Janmarashi. For instance, Mithun, Dhanu and KarkaRashi have dominance of Satvaguna

50 individual of each Rashi were selected and screened for Manasprakiti as per proforma and the type of disorder they were suffering. It is observed that individual belonging to each Janmarashi was having specific health related disorders. Panchakarmachikitsa, is one of the chikitsa which can help in cure of a disease and as well as it will prevent the recurrence of disease. So by advising specific panchakarma to that individual we can able to control the sufferings of that individual.