Review Of Etiopathogenesis Of Manas Vikara According to Ayurveda

National Journal Of Research in Ayurved Science

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Ayu, Manas vikara,sharirik dosha, rajas,tamas

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Jadhwar, G., Bansode, R., & Sant, S. (2019). Review Of Etiopathogenesis Of Manas Vikara According to Ayurveda. National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 7(02). Retrieved from


Ayurveda is a science of life. Ayurveda explained the normal state of body composition and its abnormalities like tridosha, sapt dhatu, panchmahabhutas etc. In modern science, many psychiatric disorders are explained under idiopathic causes of it. According to Ayurveda we have scope to find causes and etiopathogenesis of psychiatric disorder ( manas vikara ). We can study the etiopathogenesis of manas vikara by knowing the abnormal functions of ayurvedic basic fundamentals like the correlation of manas dosha with sharirik dosha , sapta dhatu , srotasa, panchmahabhuta, dhatu sarata etc. In definition of Of health physical , social as well as mental health is important. In present era there are so many strenous Work which is directraly or indirectly affects every single an order it causes psychological problems.generally for all types of mental disorders ,Alpasatva (weak mind),manovahastrotas manas dosha viz,raja and tama and tridosha viz vata pitta kapha are said to be responsible according to Ayurveda. So this abstracts revivews advances of etiopathogenesis of manasvikara.

Article pdf download
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