ABSTRACT: Bleeding piles is a grave disease and still a challenge to the medical field. Because of it's remission and exacerbations, both the patients and doctors are in ebbarrassing situation.In Ayurveda, lots of preparations and drugs are described as a Raktastambhak in the management of Raktarsha, Raktapittaand Raktatisar etc. but there are few researches on evaluation of haemostatic properties of drugs. So ,there is a vital need to have look on the subject and innovate medicine which will provide fairly successful and acceptable for the management of the bleeding piles.In the present study, efforts are made to evaluate the haemostatic effect of Kankahi in bleeding piles. As being a pilot study, results are not assessed on the standard parameters. RCT ( Randomised Control Trial )can be conducted to compare efficacy of Kankshi with many other haemostatic drugs.