Clinical efficacy of Katibasti and yog basti in the management of Katigraha (lumbar spondylosis)

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Sachin Lone


Katigraha is degenerative condition in which affecting vertebral bodies, and vertebral discs and its associates with lumbar spine. We can correlate katishoola with lumbar spondylosis, Low back pain affects approximately 60.85% of adults during some point of their life and 10% of this is because of Lumbar Spondylosis (LS).   In current study, the assessment of kati basti  and yog basti in the management of Kati Graha with special reference to Lumbar spondylasis  has been attempted on a patient female patient  has age of 50yrs. having signs and symptoms of L.S. were selected and were administered katibasti and yogbasti for a period of 8 days. Highly significant results were observed and improvement in cardinal symptoms of Kati Graha was observed. It also provided highly significant results in improving range of movements rand pain intensity this procedure appears to provide good clinical improvement in pacifying pure Vataja Kati Graha.


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Lone, S. (2019). Clinical efficacy of Katibasti and yog basti in the management of Katigraha (lumbar spondylosis). Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 7(02). Retrieved from
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