To study the relation between constipation and Majja dhatu mala, a literary review.

National Journal Of Research in Ayurved Science

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Constipation, Ayurveda, Smooth evacuation, Majja Dhatu Mala, Digestion

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Chandak, R., & More, A. (2019). To study the relation between constipation and Majja dhatu mala, a literary review. National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 7(02). Retrieved from


Constipation is major problem in the society. It refers to bowel movements that are infrequent or hard to pass1The stool  is often hard and dry may be associated with abdominal pain ,bloating , and feeling of  incomplete evacuation. Constipation may cause hemorrhoids or anal fissures. Forceful evacuation or taking  purgatives to pass the stool is very common thing we found in society. Actually passage of stool is very natural process and it should not be forced or painful. But it should be like hot knife cut through butter. According to Ayurveda stool is the solid waste generated after digestion of food , it is called as major digestion. As well as in the minor digestion i.e. metabolic leveled digestion Majja Dhatu Mala (waste product in formation of Majja Dhatu) is generated, which helps smooth passage of stool.

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