Management of kitibha kustha (Psoriasis)–a case study

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Sandeep gorakh Mane
Bhavana sandeep Mane


Today is HD (high definition)mobile era .peoples are more conscious about their health and skin also though multimedia .Usually 10-15% cases present before general practitioners are pertaining to skin diseases. Due to altered life style, lack of physical exercise, unhygienic, mental stress, over eating, nutrition deficiency ,more radiation  skin diseases are commonly observed. Psoriasis is chronic disorder which is commonly encountered in day today’s clinical practices. It is one of the more discussing  issues having social importance. Increased stress ,inorganic food materials and  sedentary life style are main predisposing factor which is accounting for wide spared prevalence of this disease. All the skin diseases in Ayurveda have been discussed under the broad heading of Kushta, which are further divided into Mahakustha and Kshudra Kushta. This is  a case study of Kitibha Kushta (Psoriasis) treated with the Ayurvedic principles in particular Shodhana Chikitsa and shaman chikitsa.



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