Cupping therapy in pain management- A review

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Shaheeda Khatun Abdul Khalique
Vijay Ukhalkar


Pain is the most common reason for seeking therapeutic alternatives to conventional medicine. Raktamokshan is accepted as half of the therapeutic measure in Shalyatantra like Basti in Kayachikitsa2. Raktamokshan is one of the fascinating and satisfactory answer for many diseases. Shring and Alabu therapy mentioned in Ayurveda for Raktamokshan can be correlated with cupping which is a modified form of Shring and Alabu therapy. 

Cupping therapy is a traditional therapy used from an ancient era. A therapeutic Cupping treatment involves warming and placing cups on skin part of body for treatment. Cupping is thought to act mainly by increasing local blood circulation and relieving painful muscle tension. 

The objective of the following study is to study the effectiveness of cupping as a treatment for pain and to identify the possible mechanisms of action of cupping therapy from modern medicine perspective and offer possible explanation of its effects. Data is collected from Samhita, Reference Books and Published Articles.


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Vijay Ukhalkar

Professor, Dept of Shalyatantra, Government Ayurved College, Nanded, Maharashtra.