Role of Veertarvadi Gana in Mutrashmari : A Review Study

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Dr. Sheetal Mahadev Balkunde


Group of drug described as Gana in Samhita. Veertarvadi Gana is one out of 37 Ganas mentioned in Sushruta Samhita Sutrasthan 38/4, with 18 herbs in it. They are indicated in Vaatvikar, Ashmari, Sarkara, Mutrakrichha, Mutraghat. Ashmari is very common problem due to todays lifestyle, Dietary habits, it contributes more in formation of Mutrashmari (Urinary Calculus). Aacharya Sushruta included it in Ashthaumahagada. The main aim of this article is to review the importance & utility of Veertarvadi Gana in Mutrashmari.


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