Importance of ‘Nidra’ as one of the Upastambha of life

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Anupama Kiran Jog
Dipali Gajendra Tandel
Ganesh Puradkar




It is interesting to know that the one third one a human’s life is spent on sleeping. Sleep is an essential aspect when it comes to growth and development of living beings; as many of the vital physiological processes occur during sleep. As far as Ayurveda is concerned, sleep i.e. Nidra is considered as one of the three pillars of life. It is called as Bhootadhatri by Ayurvedic texts as it is considered as an important part on one’s lifestyle. Quality sleep is an indicator of good health as it relives stress and refreshes the body. Adequate hours of sleeping is required for all the levels of wellbeing such as mental, physical and emotional.

Ayurveda being a science of life, explains daily routine and regimens to be followed by individuals to stay healthy. Nidra being a day to day phenomenon, ayurvedic texts have detailed information about its definition, types, physiology and health benefits.


To understand the significance of Nidra as a Upastambha i.e.pillar of life.




  1. To review the ayurvedic and modern literature regarding sleep.

  2. To understand physiology of sleep according to ayurvedic and modern texts.

  3. To understand the role of quality sleep in maintaining health.

Key words: Nidra, Upastambha, Sleep, Ayurveda.


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