Vataja kasa is one among such disease which troubles the person by hindering the day today activities due to identical nidana, lakshana & upashaya. Vataj kasa a very common disease especially among geriatric age group, often diagnosis is vague and treatment is half left. In the present study experimental group was subjected to Balasidhaksheer Nadi Sweden along with shaman chikitsa as per Charak chikitsa sthan. While control group was given only Shaman Chikitsa viz. Sitopaladi churna, Kantakari ghritta & Duralabhadi yoga.Observations and results obtained after trial was presented & statistical analysis done after completion of the therapy. It was seen that in the symptom Shuska Kasa (Dry Cough), Shool in ura, Parshwashool, Swarbheda, Daurbalya trial drug has found effective as it seems statistically extremely significant.After comparison of both groups there was significant result was noted in experimental group comparatively control group as p value is significant in all subjective criteria of Vataj kasa. In the present study along with above treatment Balasidhasheera Nadiswedan has been observed very effective and giving satisfactory relief in the symptoms of Vataja Kasa.