Infertility is major disorder due to stressful world, lack of biological food, changing life style. Four essential factors for conception mentioned by ancient ayurveda scholar sushruta are as imperative today as they were ovum is one among these essential factors, vitiation of vata reflects ovulatory  dysfunction. most of  infertile couples have multiple causes contributing infertility. In the present case study female partner had pcos and male partner is normal resulting in infertility. She had regular but scanty menses with severe dysmenorrhea. According to ayurveda  apanvayu  governs all  functions related to garbhashaya and menstrual cycle. Considering infertility, pcos  and  tivra apan vayu dushti as yonivyapada she was treated with basti for vatshamana , phala ghrit  utterbasti  for  garbhashaya dushti   and internal medicine like chandraprabha vati, ampachak vati , sukumar kashay, kuberaksh vati , phala ghrit, lashunadi vati, laghumalini vasant  for deepan pachan and pcos.and dashmularishta for vata pacification.