As sedentary life style is increasing there is increase in the incidence of low backache of which one commonest condition is sacroiliitis. Sacroiliitis means inflammation of sacroiliac joint which causes symptoms as severe low backache, tingling numbness, difficulty in walking etc. In allopathy pain killers, steroidal injection in sacroiliac joint etc are the only line of treatment followed which has many side effects and gives only temporary relief. In Ayurveda Jalaukavacharana is very helpful in reducing pain and swelling. In Ashtang hruday Acharya has mentioned to do raktamokshan if patient do not get relief after snehan, swedan and other treatment. Jalauka was choosen for raktamokshan as it has many anti-inflammatory enzymes in it saliva and can be used in all patients. Three settings of Jalaukavacharana at interval of 15 days was done and results were observed.