The phenomena of suicide and suicidal behavior are public health concerns globally, across developed and developing countries. Every year, more than one million people die by suicide and there are many more people who attempt suicide globally. It is a public health issue that affects communities, provinces and entire countries. Any type of suicidal attempt dramatically affects the lives of families, friends and entire communities. In today’s scenario of India the incidence rate of suicidal attempts increased day by day despite all the odds. Majority of vulnerable populations for suicide includes farmers, students, women, armed forces, migrant populations, those with chronic physical and mental illness. The act of suicide consisting hanging, poisoning, train run-over, drowning, alcohol abuse, burn etc. and cause behind suicide was excessive stress, economical conditions, depression, disturbed interpersonal relationships and internet games like Blue Whale Challenge. A detailed analysis of reasons of increasing incidences of suicides has been done in this present study. Suicide is not only a crime but it is a serious health problem which is easily preventable by adopting principles of ayurveda and yoga. There is a close and scientifically proved relation between suicide and psychosomatic disorders particularly in stress, depression and alcohol abuse. Different regimen of ayurveda and yoga has been adopted to cope with the stress, anxiety, the root cause of suicide. This regimen includes sadvrutta (code and conducts of life), Satvavajay(spiritual therapy) and daivyavyapashray chikitsa(divine therapy) along with yama (ethical rules), niyam(principles for social well being),asan(yoga posture), pranayama (breathing techniques), pratyahara(control of sense organs), and dhyan (mediatation). Hence to prevent this smoldering problem of suicide the ‘Sciences of life’ i.e.ayurveda and  Yoga offers the lifestyle modifying, time effective, free of cost, objective therapy (Adravyabhoot chikita) through it’s basic principles. A detailed review of ayurvedic and yogic regimen to prevent suicides by removing depression has been done in this study.





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Patil  Rajendra Vinayak.

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