Dhatusaratvaparikshan is one of the basic principles comprehend in DashvidhaAaturpariksha (tenfold examination).  It is one of the way by which we can assess stoutness of Dhatu of an individual. As far as Ayurvedic literature is concerned we can see ready references regarding description of Dhatusarta. Charaka has described peculiarities of sara in detail whereas Susruta has described it a pattern of one line for each sara. Vagbhata has described Sara in scattered way in which no particular sara has been mentioned we have to assume it in elsewhere description such as signs of Dirghaushywaan Purusha (signs of long life). Kashypa Samhita  gives us little but important clue regarding clinical importance of sara; unfortunately after having description regarding Rasasara and Raktasara  there is a discontinuation and further description is unavailable. For rejuvenation of own science it is our duty to have a review in different streams in order to find out new references and information. Brihatsamhita is an informative compendium composed by Aacharya Varahamihir which is mainly based on description of Astrology and Vastushastra (Architecture). In 68th chapter of this compendium Dhatusarta has been described. Though the topic is in a concise form; it gives certain ideas regarding sarata and some additional peculiarities are also available which will help to person from ancient science stream. This article has been enlightened on typical and unique features described by Varahamihira about Dhatusarata.