Ayurved has a long and strong heritage use of  Polyherbal drugs and formulations to treat various diseases. Standardization of Ayurvedic formulations is an important step for the establishment of a consistent biological activity, a consistent chemical profile or simply a quality assurance program for production and manufacturing of herbal drugs. It is a burning topic in Ayurvedic drug industry nowadays. Tremendous work is going on for standardization of Ayurvedic drugs to prove its reproducibility, compatibility and safety on modern parameters.  

                 Concept of churna is well established in Ayurvedic pharmaceutics for therapeutic purposes as well as for production of other formulations. There is sound description of its various method of preparation along with shelf life period in Ayurveda. Implication of latest analytical techniques is the demand of time to standardize different churna. Plant material may vary in physiochemical content and therefore in its therapeutic effect; according to different places of collection, with different times in a year for collection, with collection at the same time and places but in different years and with a particular medicinal plant. Adding to this variability is the fact that in herbal medicine several plants may be used together in the same preparation. It is very important that a system of standardization is established for every medicine in the market because the scope for variation in different batches of medicine is enormous. This means that there should be a quality control test for the entire preparation to ensure quality of the product.