Gridhrusi is correlated with sciatica in modern science. Management of sciatica in modern science is through medication such as analgesic, anti-inflammatory   & spinal injection. Prolonged use of this causes unnecessary side effects. So in Ayurveda radical T/t for this disease & provide longer term lasting relief. Agnikarma is the main line of T/t for Gridhrusi as mentioned by Charaka. 50 pt. of Gridhrusi selected from O.P.D of Dhanwantari  Ayurved Medical College & Hospital, Udgir, Dist: Latur(M.H.) having pain & stiffness in back, numbness, difficulty in walking, changing in posture etc.The assessment was made on the basis of the degree of remission of sign & symptoms. At the end of Agnikarma 1.Samyakadagdhalakshna (No any agnivyapad ) was observed.2) Relieving pain –Toda ( Lancing pain), Stambha ( stiffness), Sparshasahtva ( tenderness), improvement in stiffness & numbness and walking time increased.On the basis of the study, significant results were obtained & proved that Agnikarma can be the best treatment in the management of Gridhrusi.

Keywords – Gridhrusi, Sciatica, Loha shalaka, Ghruta.