The main causes of hepatitis are health ignorance, increased hot and humid environment, lowering living status, unhygine causing various gastro-instestinal diseases mainly diarrheoa, viral hepatitis and many other diseases. The people are living in congested places in bad sanitation, eating roadside fast food, drinking polluted water etc. Along with hepatitis, alcoholism and alcoholic liver disorder are most leading disease in India. Carakãcãrya explain Dãruharidrã (Berberis aristata, DC)nin bahupittakãmalã (khoşthaśãkhãshrîtakãmalã). It has references in many granthãs with respect to bahupittakãmalã. It is useful in a vast range of diseases. It has properties like cholegouge, astringent, hepato-stimulant and hepato-protective which are useful in treating anorexia , dysentery, hepatitis and liver disorder. This study shows Dãruharidrã is very effective in viral hepatitis.