Abstract- Diabetes mellitus is reaching potentially epidemic proportion in India. The level of morbidity and mortality due to diabetes and its potential complications are diabetes is now being shown to be associated with a spectrum of complications and to be occurring at a relatively younger age within the country.

            Patients suffering from Prameha may develop Prameha pidika are of ten types. Among this types most are resembles with carbuncle and abscess, these must be treated surgically. This study was designed in questionnaire to study details of diabetes patients and evaluate incidence rate of surgical interventions required in Diabetes mellitus which is described in Ayurveda as Prameha and its prevalence in current scenario. Surgical interventions include amputation, debridement and fasciotomy followed by skin grafting in few cases.

            This is retrograde observational study, include of surgical interventions in IPD patients of Diabetes mellitus in an equipped hospital from eastern region of Pune, having OPD 70 to 100 patients per day of surgery department.

Keywords- Diabetes mellitus, amputation, debridement and fasciotomy