TITLE- Efficacy of Jalaukavacharan in Management of Non Healing Diabetic Ulcer.

HYPOTHESIS- Jalaukavacharan has significant effect in non-healing diabetic ulcer.

OBJECTIVE- Acharya Sushruta has elaborately explained shashti upakrama for wound management to achieve good approximation, early healing and acceptable scar, without complications out of which one is rakta mokshana. Based on this reference, a clinical study was done with patients having non healing diabetic ulcer. So the present study is planned to evaluate the efficacy of Jalaukavacharan in the management of non-healing diabetic ulcer.

METHOD- 15 Patients were selected from O.P.D/I.P.D of Shalya Tantra of Y.M.T Ayurvedic Medical College Kharghar. The treatment was accessed with observation and results for period of eight weeks.

RESULT- After this therapy, significant result was observed.

CONCLUSION- It was observed that the results achieved are effective and stable during follow up period.