Ayurveda is an ancient science which describes the secrets of healthy living. The knowledge of Ayurveda helps to cure diseases as well as it is helpful in preventing the occurrence of diseases. It advises us to understand how to keep our body, mind and soul healthy and free from diseases. Therefore, the knowledge of Ayurveda is being used worldwide, as Ayurveda is an upcoming branch of traditional medicine.

Ayurvedic classical texts have mentioned dinacharya, rutucharya, etc. which gives a clear idea about the dos and don’ts which every human being should follow in his daily regimen in order to lead a healthy life.

‘Rutu’ means seasons and ‘Roga’ means disease. In Ayurveda there are different causes of diseases. One of the important cause of diseases is ‘Rutuviparyay’ that is, seasonal changes.

This article emphasizes on the subject that how seasonal changes are responsible for the occurrence of various diseases.