Trik graha is explained in brihat-trayi as well as in other ayurvedic literatures. The patients of Trik graha feel pain at trik sandhi (lumbosacral joint). To reduce this pain, body’s own defense mechanism causes spasm of surrounding muscles of lumbosacral joint which reduces its movements. Hence causes stiffness in the joint. In such condition use of analgesic medicines, ointments etc. give temporary relief. Ayurvedic treatment not only reduces the pain but it also helps in complete cure of the disease.  For this purpose, 30 diagnosed patients of trik graha were advised yogabasti krama followed by rasnasaptak kwatha 40 ml twice in a day for the period of one month. The observation got are distributed and analyzed statistically. The result showed the significant effect of bastyottar use of rasnasaptak  kwath in the patients of trik graha.