Abstract – In Ayurveda digestion is divided in three stages. They are named as Avasthapaka of food. The Agni has occurs at different organ levels and leads to formation of digested material along with its byproduct .Grahani is one of the disease mentioned in Ayurveda and it is related to digestive system. As Avasthapakas are occurring due to Agni, vitiation in Agni can lead to vitiation of Avasthapaka also. Vitiated Agni is base of Grahani Vyadhi also. There can be relation in Avasthapaka and Grahani Vyadhi. Agni has only dwelling place in doing digestion, anabolism, catabolism and other biochemical processes of body. In this study an attempt has been made to focus on the relation between Avasthapaka and Grahani Vyadhi.