Background: Haridradi gana is a specific classification described in Astanghrudaya which contains five such medicinal herbs that are mainly recommended in prameha

.Objectives: To study five herbs of haridradi gana for their Antidiabetic potential as per Ayurvedic perspective. To study the Rasa,guna,virya,vipaka of haridradi gana.

Methodology: Haridradi gana is the 17th number of gana in the gana’s of Ashtang hruday. This gana   includes total 5 number medicinal herbs these are Haridra,Daruharidra,Yashtimadhu,Prushaniparni,Indrayav and analysis of these five drugs regarding rasa,guna,virya,vipaka.

Result: Maximum contents of haridradi gana having 70% of tikta pradhan katu rasa, 70% ushna virya and 80% katu vipak,60% of laghu-ruksha guna.. Tikta rasa has shoshak property, tikta rasa absorbs kleda-meda-vasa-majja-lasika-puya-sweda-mutra-purisha-pitta and kapha.it also rectifies agni leads to proper utilization of insulin in the periphery leads to reduction in insulin resistance. ushana virya causes stroto shodhana it leads to absorption of circulating free glucose by cells and reduces hyperglycemia.Laghu-ruksha guna destroys accumulation of kapha and meda.and By the side katu vipaka helps to remove sneha, sweda, kleda, and mala from body.

Conclusion:The present study reveals that the herbs included in haridradi gana having dominantly tikta-katu rasa,ushana virya,katu vipaka,laghu-ruksha guna significantly plays role as an anti-diabetic.