Children in the modern age suffer at large due to physical problems; in addition to that they suffer from psychological problems too. The event leaves a lasting impression on the tender mind of children and later become the cause of behavioral or psychosomatic disease. Ancient scholars have also described Shayyamutra as psychosomatic origin. Enuresis is one of the obstinate problems. Enuresis is defined as the voluntary or involuntary repeated discharge of urine into cloth or bed after a developmental age when bladder control should be established. Due to this problem a lot of concealment and profound repercussions occur in family life, since a child’s psychosomatic health and mothers pride involved with this problem.

Therefore, this study was planned keeping in mind the mental condition of parents as well as the children. For this, 60 patients of age group 6 to 10 years of both sexes were randomly selected from OPD of the department of Kaumarbhritya of D.Y.Patil College of Ayurveda,Nerul,New Mumbai Maharashtra and divided into two groups, i.e. 30 in each group. Jamboobija churna (trial drug) was administered to 30 such children with counseling. Another set of 30 children was administered with wheat flour churna (placebo drug) with counseling. All children were subjected to clinical signs and symptoms, before treatment and 2 month after treatment.

The study has proved that efficacy of the trial drug along with counseling is found to be effective for Shayyamutra.