Osteoporosis is a major international health problem, accentuated by increasing longevity. Osteoporosis as “a systemic skeletal disease characterized by low bone mass and bone architectural leading to increased risk”. Menopause is the normal process but now a day it becoming the major health problem in developing countries like India.   In Ayurveda Menopause deals with jarapakvaavasta of the body Jara and Rajonivritti are manifested due to the progressive reduction in the functional ability of Agnis, which results in an inadequate tissue nutrition. This nutritional imbalance triggers the irreversible degenerative changes in „Sapta Dhatus‟. The disease Osteoporosis is somewhat similar to the description of Asthi Kshaya in which metabolism of Asthi Dhatu is disturbed. Rasayana therapy has proved efficacious in managing and preventing many chronic conditions till date. As Postmenopausal Osteoporosis is a disease related to aging, Rasayana can provide the better alternative to increasing quality of life. Here, the drug Lashuna also one of the Rasayana guna dravya.