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Bala, Covid-19, Immunity, Oja, Rasayan,Vyadhikshamatava

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The whole world is suffering from the disaster of the disease caused by a micro-organismcoronavirus named as SARS cov-2. As of April18,2020more than 154000 have people died,2.2 million have been affected and at least 185 countries have been affected by the coronavirus. There is no treatment and vaccination are available and only prevention is the way by adopting social distancing as it is very highly contagious disease.

As,Ayurveda the science of life stated as many therapies drugs which empower immunity.Vyadhikshamatava explained in Ayurveda is the factor by increasing Bala,Ojas and enhances immunity.Ayurveda is not only science to cure disease but it also helps to live a healthy and disease-free life.

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