“Dashavidha Pariksha bhava” in giving treatment
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Ayurveda, Physician, Dashavidh, Treatment

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Ayurveda is a branch of science that gives detailed descriptions regarding treatment to the patient. Physicians must know about disease through various measures described in Ayurveda like Adhyayana, Adhyapana, and TrividhaSambhasha. It can be gained in multiple ways like Sambhasha, Vadamarga, Tantrayukti, Nyayas, DashavidhaPariksha Bhava, etc. He must make a proper diagnosis by appropriate measures of examination and must give the correct treatment to give relief to the patient. This process of treatment can be acknowledged exactly by knowing ten factors described in Ayurveda called as DashavadhPariksha bhava. They are Kaarana, Karana, Karyayoni, karya, Karyaphala, Anubandha, Desha, Kala, Pravritti and Upaya. The present study is an attempt to know the ten factors or DashavidhaPariksha bhava in giving treatment.

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