A Review of Anjana with special reference to Sarpa Visha Vega Chikitsa
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Brihatrayi, Agadtantra ,Poison, Jangam, Sarpavisha, Vishvega, Anjana.

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Valhekar, D. N. (2023). A Review of Anjana with special reference to Sarpa Visha Vega Chikitsa . Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 11(01). Retrieved from https://ayurlog.com/index.php/ayurlog/article/view/1082


Ayurveda has mentioned eight branches, Agadtantra being the sixth branch deals with the study of Jangam and Sthavara (inanimate) visha, their symptoms and management accordingly. Jangam visha (animate) includes snakes, insects, scorpion, rat, etc.  Brihatrayi, has mentioned  symptoms according to Sarpavisha, Vega (stages) and its management respectively in Sarpadashtavishchikitsa. A general principle of treatment of poison is explained in Ayurvedic classics. Charakacharya has mentioned twenty four upakramas  to be used in poisoning. Modern sciences has also mentioned the basic principles of poisoning treatment like removal of unabsorbed poison, use of antidote, resuscitation and symtomatic treatment which are already described by our Aacharyas. All the therapies mentioned in the management of poisoning,  Anjana is the symptomatic treatment described by Acharyas. Objective of the review is to study comprehensive concept of Anjana in Vishvega accordingly. There is a need to understand the concept behind the mentioned therapy in particular Vega. Present review is an attempt to express the hidden gems of Vishachikitsa in Agadtantra with special reference to Vishavega. This  article has been made to describe the importance of Anjana to protect and cure the ailments of eyes when a person is poisoned.



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