Udakvaha strotas mulsthan nischiti evam klom avayav tulnatmak abhyas
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moolsthana, Talu, , Pipasa, klom, srotas, udakvaha srotas

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Talu –is divided into two parts hard palate and soft palate. Hard palate is made up of the palatine process of the maxilla & horizontal plate of the palatine bones. Anterolateral to the hard palate gums and alveolar arch is located posteriorly continued with a soft palate which is thin and smooth. The soft palate is divided into two parts oral and nasal parts. Its made up of a mucous membrane which contains the following structures, mucous membrane, aponeurosis, muscular tissue, vessels, nerves, lymph glands &mucous glands. It shows two palatal arches palatoglossal arch & palate pharyngeal arch. The facial artery & ascending pharyngeal artery supply blood to the soft palate. The muscles located in the soft palate are levator veli palatine, tensor veli palatani, musculous uvulae, paltoglossus and plato pharyngeus.

Klom - anatomical structures which is related to the symptoms, thirst (pipasa) and death (sadhyo maranam), may be considered as pancreas. It has head neck body and tail. Functionally it consists of two part, exocrine and endocrine. A, B, D, PP & D1 cells are located in it.

            All symptoms of diabetes are due to insulin action failure which makes the storage of sugar as glycogen. It enables tissue to burn sugar. It prevents the formation of sugar from protein. However, according to all the above points its fundamental that insulin deficiency causes the inability to store sugar.

Article pdf download

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