Garbhini Chhardi
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Key words-garbhini chhardi,dwisharthaja,douhrida,hyperemesis gravida

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Garbhini chhardi is mentioned in ayurved as Vyatka Garbh lakshan According to ayurveda Hyper emesis   gravidum  can be correlated with Garbhini chhardi.In ayurvedic texts  garbhini chhardi can be divided into six types such as Vataj, Kaphaj, Pittaj, Sannipataj, Krimij, Dwishtartaja. Among all this doshaj types are having signs and symptoms of respective doshaj in aggravated or vitiated form .Krimij type can be identified by history of the patient. In the Sushruta samhita commentary by Dalhana there is reference for Douhrida. It is due to presence of Garbha. As per ayurveda classics nidanpnchak of chhardi vyadhi   and Garbhini chhardi are the same. Due to garbha vridhhi and douhruda avaman agnimandya is developed and vitiation of tridosha occurs. It leads to dosha utklesh .Doshas filled in the mouth and expelled out as chhardi. Acharya Harit mentioned it as Upadrav of pregnancy.

In Hyper emesis   gravidum is the major problem during pregnancy in first trimester mostly. Severe nausea, vomiting, dizziness are the symptoms presented. According to modern science it happens due to increased levels of hormones like HCG and estrogen   during pregnancy.


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