Tamak Shvasa and its management with Brihan Chikitsa
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Ayurveda , Tamak Shvasa, Chikitsa, Brihan, Nimba Patra Svarasa Ghrit.

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Shivaji Kagade. (2023). Tamak Shvasa and its management with Brihan Chikitsa. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 11(5). Retrieved from https://ayurlog.com/index.php/ayurlog/article/view/1176


Tamak Vishwas is most common disease according to Harrison in principal of medicine. There are 4 ro 5% of population of United state is suffering from bronchial asthma occurre at any age but it is dominant in early age.

It is very clear that physician must use his knowledge to decide different aspect of chikitsa such as Bala, Dosha, Dushya, Kala, Agni etc. for the success in patient's treatment.

It was reviewed in A.S. that the word brihan is used as a synonym word for the tarpan.

Charak has described that out of all chikitsa Brihan is the best. Because there are less chances of Apaya. While there are most chances of Apaya by Karshan and chikitsa. Charak Pani is of the view that Apaya produced by brihan are easily cured. Charak and charak Pani highlighted the effect of Brihan chikitsa in Shvasa. The description of charak and pilot study carried out by encouraged to take up research work on the basis of which we can say that Ayurvedic concept of brihan Karma is effective in tamak shvasa. For this purpose we selected the disease tamak shvasa the brihan therapy is recommended to the durbala patient of Tamak shvasa having dominance of vayu. The result of study shows that nimba ghrit provided significantly better relief in the patient of Tamak shvasa in comparision to deriphyllin tablet in standard group.

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