Agnimandya is a precursor of Grahani disease
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Grahani dosha, Grahani, Agni, Agni Dushti, IBS

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Ankita Ashok Patil, Anaya Pathrikar, & Nitin Kamat. (2024). Agnimandya is a precursor of Grahani disease. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 12(2). Retrieved from


ABSTRACT - Grahani a chronic disease is caused due to imbalance in Agni. The primary function of Grahani part is to retain food, digest it then segregate and remove it out to intestine. When the Grahani function is hampered, absorption process is affected at major, which leads to inadequate absorption of essential material to healthy well being. Thus, this study was carried out to determine role of different types of agni in Grahani. To fulfill the aim a total of 60 patients showing cardinal symptoms of Grahani were enrolled and were checked with various subjective criterias. Upon statistical analysis of the gathered data, it became evident that patients who had Agni impairment, consequently landed into the Grahani disorder.


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