To Study Effect of Dashang Lepa in Mukhdushika


dashang lepa
acne vulgaris

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Bangarwar, C. Y. (2018). To Study Effect of Dashang Lepa in Mukhdushika. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 5(5). Retrieved from


Though Ayurveda is India's ancient traditional medicine written Thousands of years back, its concepts and principles are useful in today's era also. My small research work can be one example of it. Mukhdushika also was known as Youvanpeetika is a common health problem found in Adolescence which disturbs physical psychological and social health. Mukhdushika known as acne vulgaris is the classical stigma of adolescence and inflammation of sebaceous glands which produces physiological and psychological scarring. Dashang lepa is commonly used for shotha in clinical practice, but when it was applied as lepa on the face, its effectiveness was observed in mukhadushika. So after considering effective experience in mukhadushika I decided to go for its systematic study through this small research work, to study the effect of dashang lepa in mukhadushika. 


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