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Apatyakaram Ghrita, Pharmaceutical study, Geriatric health problems, Anti-osteoporosis, Anti -arthritis, Cognitive health, malnourishment.

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Kamble, V. V. (2018). PHARMACEUTICAL STUDY OF APATYAKARAM GHRITA. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 6(06). Retrieved from


Apatyakaram ghrita is a classical formulation stated in chapter pumanjat baladik vajikaran pad in text of charak samhita. Prepared with decoction of Shatavari, Vidari kanda, Maash, Atmagupta, Shwadanshtra , kalka of same drug, Go-dugdha, Go-ghrita. Individual ingredients of this formulation have aphrodisiac, rasayan, medhya etc properties. Rasayan is the formulation which promotes physical and mental health, helps to increase body’s capacity to overcome diseases and gives bala to the sharir and mana and increases satva guna, Aim: Preparation and standardization of Apatyakaram ghrita with special reference to Charak Samhita, Objective: 1. Authentication and standardization of raw material.2. Preparation of Apatyakaram Ghrita as described in Charak Samhita.3. To analyze the study drug physico-chemically to develop its standard, study deals with physicochemical analysis and standardization of the formulation, it can be inferred that Apatyakaram Ghrita may be effective in osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, cognitive impairment and malnourishment in elderly people.


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