To Study The Efficacy Of Murchit Til Taila In Management Of Sandhigata Vata - A Single Case Study
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sandhigata vata, matra vasti, sarvang snehan swedan, murchit til taila

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yadav, sunita. (2018). To Study The Efficacy Of Murchit Til Taila In Management Of Sandhigata Vata - A Single Case Study. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 6(06). Retrieved from


Sandhigatavata is described under vatavyadhi in all ayurvedic classical texts. Sandhigatavata is defined as a disease of sandhi (joint) with symptoms of joint pain, swelling in joints, pain during movement and in the later stage restricted movements of joints. In Allopathic science, the similar condition of joint is explained as osteoarthritis. Treatment provides symptomatic relief, but the underlying pathology remains unchecked due to the absence of effective drugs. In the management of Sandhigata Vata, all the Acharyas have described the employment of Bahya snehana, Swedana, Abhyantara Tikta snehapan Vasti treatment.

In this study, a female patient aged 57 years was admitted to the ipd of panchakarma department with complaints of bilateral knee joint pain, crepitus, restricted movement, swelling and general weakness since three years. She was diagnosed as dhatukshaya janya sandhigata vata also known as nirupstambhit sandhigata vata sthansansharya at janu sandhi. Murchit til taila has vatashamak and vedanasthapan & balya property. Hence in this case murchit til tail was used in the patient for matra vasti, sarvang snehan swedan, as well as sthanik vasti for a period 15 days and the patient was assessed on bases of relief in symptoms at end of treatment. Significant result was found symptoms of sandhi shoola(b/l knee joint pain), sandhishotha(swelling in joints) vata purna druti sparsha (crepitus),  Graha(restricted movement).


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