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Jara, yoga, stress, swabhavbalapravrutta vyadhi, dementia, anxiety, dementia

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Upadhye, G. (2018). YOGA- PERFECT SOLUTION FOR THE STRESS IN ELDERLY. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 6(06). Retrieved from


Since the ancient times, man has always been in a search for age-erasing methods. Yoga puts a leash on ageing and helps the individual to stay happy and have a healthy ageing. A long life span has no importance in today’s world as the average individual is conquered by diseases in the third-fourth decade of his life itself. Hence for such an individual, a diseased free old age is a far stretched dream. Yoga lends a helping hand to such people as it is a natural and correct way of life, simply organized into a systematic manner.

It is thought that mental health problems are a normal aspect of ageing. Besides dementia, anxiety, insomnia, an elderly mainly experiences emotional and psychological stress related to loneliness, isolation, or loss of loved one. But unfortunately, these are either ignored or not taken seriously. Jara or old age is a swabhavbalapravritta vyaadhi i.e it is an inescapable phase of one’s life. It is an inescapable part of life. Although this phase comes naturally, with the help of yogic interventions, a healthy and happy old age can be experienced. Yogic interventions are absolutely cost free and can be a good alternative to fight against stress.


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