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PippalyadiTaila, Arsha, Hemorrhoid, Anuvasan Basti,

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jankar, abhijeet. (2018). PIPPALYADI TAILA ANUVASAN BASTI IN ARSHA(HEAMORRIED). Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 6(06). Retrieved from https://ayurlog.com/index.php/ayurlog/article/view/236


Arsha(Haemorrhoid)is one grave disease included AshtaMahagada. According to Sushruta, vitiated VataDosha localizes in Guda Vali and vitiated Twak, Mansa, Meda and Rakta, resulting in the formation of Arsha. The management of Arsha involves AushadhiChikitsa, Kshar Karma, Agnikarma and Shastrakarma. Modern management of Arsha is mainly surgical approach, but the result was found to be less satisfactory. Up to 80% of  Haemorrhoidal symptoms can be reduced by conservative treatment. There are many modalities like Haemorrhoidectomy, Sclerotherapy, Infra Red coagulation therapy, Lord’s Dialation Cryosurgery, Rubber band ligation and Stapler haemorrhoidectomy. But the options are limited; concern to their effectiveness in elimination of disease causing pathology. Because surgical approach can’t break Sampraptiof Arsha (pathology). To resolve Samprapti of Arsha, the treatment should be Deepan, Pachan and Vatanulomak. Keeping in mind all the three Karmas to resolve Arsha pathology we searched for the treatment and medicine. Acharya Carak and Vaghat has mentioned PippalyadiTailaAnuvasan Basti as treatment of Arsha. In other side these two Acharya told that Anuvasan Basti is contraindicated in Arsha. Hence, a conceptual study was carried out to explain the mode of action of PippalyadiTailaAnuvasan Basti inArsha.


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