Review OF Various Types Of Kshara Kalpana
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Patil, G. N. (2018). Review OF Various Types Of Kshara Kalpana. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 6(07). Retrieved from


 Kshar kalpana is one of important dosage form developed as sub type of panchavidh kashayKalpana.Kshara is alkaline in nature.It is based on the principle that alkaline substances get dissolved in water and can be obtained by evapourating water content.It is derived from certain plants as well as minerals and animal products which contains more alkaline substances.It is first described in Sushrut samhita.There are various methods described in ayurvedic texts to prepare kshara.It has been proved to be effective medicine internally as well as externally.Ksharasutra described by Chakradatta is being used widely by surgeons and appreciated its effectiveness.Kshara also have pharmaceutical application like shodhan,satvaptana of shilajatu,kankshi,parada etc.There is wide range of description available about kshara in ayurvedic texts.Based on plant/mineral or animal product and mode of use,it has various types like pratisaraniya,paniya kshara,Yavakshara,tankan kshara,Apamarga Kshara etc.

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