Rasayan Chikitsa an Overview
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Rasayana ,Dinacharya, Rutucharya, swasthavritta ,Achar rasayana

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        Ayurveda means Science of Life. It deals with each and every aspect of life. Health in Ayurveda is conceived as union of sound body, mind, senses & soul. Maintenance and promotion of health and happiness is the first objective while next is to prevention of disease and cure of sickness .Ayurveda offers wonderful tools for better lifestyle .The knowledge of Dinacharya ,Rutucharya, Swasthavritta,,Rasayana gives us a guideline for promotion of health. Trayouppasthambha i.e.Aahar (Diet), Nidra (Sleep),Bramhacharya (Sexual behavior) influences on health.

 Rasayanchikishta is one of the specialized branches of Ayurveda which deals with maintenance of health. According to Modalities three types of Rasayana-Achar,Draya,Aahar rasayana plays effective and safe solution for various health problems like life style disorders,dengenerative conditions etc.  There are many other medicines as well as body purifications has rejuvenator properties. Acharya Charaka widely narrated the effect of specific thoughts-behavior-life style pattern (Achara rasayana) on health which helps to boost the immunity for prevention of various infection.

The aim of this study to review the importance of Rasayana in promotion of health and prevention of disease. All the relevant material was compiled from various books. Research articles are also searched form various websites. All references were collected and finally conclusion was drawn.


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